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Dicas (Tips)

Algumas opções para ajudar vocês (Here are some options for our guests)

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A maioria dessas sugestões é para o pessoal vindo de fora do Brasil.


To those coming from abroad, we will soon have a concierge that can help you with trip arrangements. Stay tuned.

People coming from out of the country should fly into Sao Paulo. There will be a van leaving from Sao Paulo on Friday early afternoon, April 7, to the wedding location. The van will return to Sao Paulo on Sunday morning (April 9) once all activities have been concluded. More details on the van will be provided once the RSVP list is finalized.

There are endless options on what to do in Brazil. You may choose to fly a few days earlier and stay in Sao Paulo, and stay a few extra days to see other places of the country.

You may choose to stay at any hotel in Sao Paulo. You may get in touch with the concierge for suggestions, but some recommendations include:

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